The Tollway is now under Operations and maintenance for the last six years and the employment opportunity is also limited to that extent. There are several wings as mentioned below to manage the company’s functions and obligations for managing the Operations and Maintenance of the Tollway including the high tech Extradoses Bridge , Viaducts, ROB , RUBs and six-lane at grade Highway approaches.

Operations– Managed by CGM– Operations and three Operations Managers. These posts are mostly manned by Professional Managers and Ex-Services Officers.

Maintenance– Managed by CGM- Project with Maintenance Manager– These posts are manned by Civil Engineers having project exposure.

Accounts & Finance- Managed by Chief Financial officer with the help of Manager-Accounts, Manager– Finance & Audit, Manager- legal etc. This wing is manned by Accountants and Finance professionals.

Current Openings

Position : Stores Officer

Age                            : 30 to 35 Years

Sex                             : Male

Supervision of Stores of civil, electrical, and administrative works related to Maintenance of Bridge & Ancillary Service Units. Regular inspections, reconciliation of stores items, proper upkeep of records and documents, management of stores issue, receipts, log-books in bin-card system with utmost care

Inspects, unpacks, marks, labels, receives, records, stores and issue materials and supplies

Keep track and records of movement of items inside the store house.

Regularly count, check and care for the physical condition of items in the store house.

Organize the arrangement of items in a neat, safe and orderly manner to ensure proper storage.

Prepare regulatory inventory reports and submit to Repair & Maintenance Manager.

Assist Repair & Maintenance Manager to review and approve requests for stocks of materials and supplies.

Educational Qualification :

Graduate in Science/ Commerce or Diploma in Engg

Experience :

8/10 Years industrial experience with 6 yrs working in stores of a reputed company, specifically in Highway sector 

Additional Requirement :

Computer literate, knowledge of general industrial housekeeping and fire safety practices.

Honest, courteous, Disciplined, precise and calm in stressful situations.

Preferably within 10km of the project

Salary & Benefit :
Position : Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Local/ Workstation                       Second Vivekananda Bridge- Toll Plaza

Key External Relations                       Contractors, Suppliers, Service Provider, Independent Consultant, NHAI and Local Govt bodies.

Job Summary                                      Responsible for all maintenance functions in accordance

with Maintenance Manual of the Tollway and Concession Agreement  with NHAI

Sex                                                     Male

Age                                                      40 to 50Years ( Relaxable up to 55 years for exceptionally qualified persons)

Responsible for all maintenance functions in accordance with Maintenance Manual of the Tollway and Concession Agreement  with NHAI

Skills & Abilities                                Ability to apply engineering concepts; to prepare designs,

Specifications & Methodology and managerial ability to spearhead maintenance works at a world class cable stayed Bridge

Personal Characteristics                     Ability to recommend, implement and maintain best managerial and administrative standards in areas such as maintenance/ inspection, good interpersonal skills with capacity to manage a wide variety of business contacts with tact and effectiveness .

Residence                                                      should preferably be able to reside within 15 km of the Project site at Bally , Howrah, in the state of West Bengal


Independent Management of Civil Maintenance & Electronic Toll collection System including functional and organizational responsibilities as below.-

a)               Regular supervision of the Maintenance program through a maintenance team 

b)               Regular interface and monitoring the performance of contractors and service providers.

c)               Monitor and prepare reports on functional performance of related equipment.

d)               Handle the planning & budgeting functions for the Maintenance Department.

e)               Regular Interface with NHAI/ IC/ Govt. & others and to procure all required approvals.


Set up the Maintenance Supervision Team for all maintenance operations.

Administrative Tasks related to maintenance

Management of procurement, supplies of material and equipment of the Section

Quality Control and quality Assurance as per provision of Concession Agreement

Interface with contractors and service providers.


Educational Qualification :

Bachelor/Master Degree in Civil Engineering

Experience :

25 Years of experience in Design & Construction works including 5 years in management position in construction/ maintenance &  inspection of Highways & Bridges

Additional Requirement :

Attain objectives related to the highest functional availability of Mechanical, Electrical

   And Civil functions;

2. No run out of equipment, consumables, material, supplies or spare parts.

3. Timely submission of reports relating to inspections and surveys as required under

    contractual obligations and Company’s Policies.

4. Attainment of performance standards as defined in the Operation and Maintenance manual and 

    in Company policies.

5.  Plan, organize and coordinate programs of maintenance activities.

6.  Review engineering data against legal, technical and safety standards.

7.  Prepare plans, specifications and estimate of material and manpower costs

8.  Ensure the safety and integrity of document files and archiving of old documents

9.  Monitor and record all changes in Maintenance Manual documents in consultation with IC & NHAI.

10. To establish working relations with Global Experts for procuring Technical advices.

11. To safeguard interest of the Company with due compliances as per Concession Agreement.


Salary & Benefit :



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